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Food Earners Track

We are Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Network company on a mission to empower lives (charity, improve economy standard and financial freedom), people struggling to feed themselves, economic insecurity, food insecurity, hunger, malnutrition, poverty and a lot of others in the society.

Our food rewarding system generates much needed food items and income for all traders, civil servants, students, farmers, pensioners, and everyone who register on our potal which reduce/drive away their feeding expenses.

About Us

We create the working together to provide sustainable food items for all registered members and also makes one self-employed. Also, we help to increase standard of living, creating room for job opportunity and empowering the less privilage.

Food Security

Food Earners Track provides access to sufficient, safe and nutritious foods items to meet your dietary needs and reduce food expenses.

Financial Freedom

Our profitable service system offers passive income for life to our partners and also residual income to all partners.

Incentives and Car Awards

Our rewarding marketing system offers free incentives and car awards to encourage members thereby upgrading their standard of living and ensuring wealthy lifestyle.

International Vacation

Enjoy greater incentives than just Food as a Food Earner such as All-expense-paid International vacation around the world.

Food Earners

Business Plan


Total Award of ₦1100


Total Award of ₦6500


Total Award of ₦40,000


Total Award of ₦150,000



Total Award of ₦9,500,000(9.5M)


Total Award of ₦55,000,000(55M)


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Food Earners Say

Read comments and testimonials from some Food Earners all around Nigeria.


Joy Etido

Akwa Ibom State

As an experienced networker, I keep telling people that Food Earners Track is an opportunity for everyone to tap into and enjoy the immense benefits it has to offer.They are here to help people in various ways.


Jerry Obi-Obasi

Benue State

I am a full fledged Food Earner. My wife is also a member and same with my mom, my son and other members of my family. I've never seen a wonderful networking business like Food Earners Track.


Pastor Sam Ibe

Lagos Nigeria

Wow! Food at home and money in your pocket. This is unlike any other network business out there. People found it difficult to feed, but with this ptatform, people are now able to get food and money in their account.


George Edozie

Anambra State

Becoming a Food Earner is my best experience ever. lt provided a platform for me to travel outside the country, Own a brand new, Feed my family and also have money in my bank account. I encourage everyone.

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B09, Holly Field Plaza
Aroma, Awka, Anambra, Nigeria.

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